The Luck Child is the story of the luckiest boy in the world, an evil king and a three-headed hound from hell ... well, one head's a cat but it's angry. Based on an Old Russian folk tale, The Luck Child is full of adventure and laughter and perfect entertainment for kids and adults!

When an evil king hears that the seventh child of a seventh child, Lucky, is destined to become king he does everything he can to get rid of him. But Lucky is so lucky he can do anything and so his adventures begin.

Writer and Director Jonathan Biggins from Sydney's annual laugh fest, The Wharf Revue, has teamed up with David Collins, one half of the Umbilical Brothers and a co-creator of The Upside Down Show to create this hilarious new take on this old folk tale.

Playing Lucky, the evil king and the three-headed hound, David brings his trademark talent for physical comedy, human sound effects and engaging charm to the production like no one else could!

“You could say that The Luck Child is Monty Python’s Holy Grail for the young. Yes, it’s that much absurd fun.” Adelaide Independent News

“It’s hard to imagine anyone else pulling off this role in front of a crowd of kids.” The Daily Telegraph

“If you have children, take them. If you don’t, yet find yourself with a spare daytime hour this week, this would be a delightful way to spend it.” The Sydney Morning Herald